Why Should You Care About Recruitment Marketing?

Successfully hiring companies of various sizes always keep up with  recruitment marketing trends to build a strong employer brand.

Attracting quality candidates can be difficult as talent these days no longer want to just choose a job, they want to choose a company.

If you’re just recruiting  without utilizing recruitment marketing strategies, you’re already losing the best talent to your competitors!

We can help you hire top quality candidates - the ones big and famous companies attract

With WOBB, you don’t have to be a “Google company” to attract employees of “Google quality”.
We help level the playing field for companies of all sizes.

WOBB was created to help employers through this rapidly changing world. 

We provide the solutions for employers by giving them a strong presence in their hiring channels through strong employer branding and candidate filtering; eliminating the problems and struggles of hiring relevant candidates – that even the biggest companies are facing!

Join "Hire Better, Hire Faster"!

If you’re looking to end your hiring pains, come and listen to how we might be the solution.


This event is beneficial to:

  • HR Managers, Founders, CEOs, Directors, and Team Managers who are
    • looking to improve the quality of applicants + looking to improve human resource process and reduce time wasted through tedious hiring procedures.
    • looking to proactively attract relevant candidates effortlessly through accurate employer company branding.
    • struggling to find the right talent that performs.

Some of the many clients that trusts WOBB

If you need any assistance, please contact Brian at [email protected] or 03-2771 0141

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We're not going to force you to buy, we just want you to make a well informed decision on whether WOBB will help you. At 'Hire Better, Hire Faster' you are the judge of whether the platform is suitable for your company.

If you do decide to try using WOBB, there will be up to 45% off on our products exclusively for event attendees only - not available anywhere else.

Register today and get a complimentary e-copy of the Malaysian Work Culture Report after the event

WOBB’s Malaysian Work Culture Report as featured on BFM 89.9

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Meet The Facilitators


Shakira Kavanagh is the Head of Strategic Growth at WOBBjobs.com. She discovered WOBB when, like a true Gen Y jobseeker, she narrowed down her job hunt to companies that were known for positive work culture. Discovering WOBB as a platform that showcases company culture, she joined the company as a B2B Salesperson, but quickly noticed ways to improve WOBB’s marketing strategy, and so promptly transferred to the marketing team where she has been promoted to Marketing Manager and then to Head of Marketing and Product in just under 2 years.

She has played a pivotal role in building a strong brand for WOBB through marketing and product initiatives as her role requires a bird’s eye view of WOBB’s entire business strategy.


Yee Lyn is the Sales Operations Manager leading on sales operations and strategic activities at WOBB. She was part of the founding team and has built relationships with over 400 companies to help them find the right Gen-Y talents through employer branding. 

Working with companies such as Nippon Paint, Secret Recipe, and Photobook, Yee Lyn has helped companies ranging from startups to corporates to successfully brand themselves; bridging the gap between employers and quality young talents.

Angel Lai is the Recruitment Team Lead. She has a proven track record in recruitment for corporate B2B for five consecutive years and was the brainchild of the entire headhunting team.

She possess equally strong leadership and planning skills to train her team to be elite and provide the best experience for both jobseekers and employers alike.


Brian Lum is the Senior Executive of Partnerships & Projects at WOBBjobs.com, an online job search platform designed to help employers and Gen Y jobseekers find each other. Some notable events he orchestrated are WorkCulture.Asia (a platform for employers to improve their work culture, as featured on BFM 89.9) and The Awesome Career Fair (a private and exclusively shortlisted invite-only career fair held at an F&B outlet in the heart of Kuala Lumpur)

With the platform having such emphasis on high quality employers and jobseekers, Brian’s quest at WOBB is to raise the standards of both parties and bridging the gap between them through well-crafted events


Eleanor is a Community Developer at WOBBjobs.com, a Malaysian-based Gen Y specialised job portal startup founded in 2014 harbouring a vision to be the biggest youth platform in Asia. A rising issue companies are facing these days is the lack of capability in marketing themselves to attract quality young professionals.

Eleanor’s role helps to break barriers between employers and jobseekers of all backgrounds by growing their online presence. This is carried out through well-executed marketing campaigns and organically curated content across all digital platforms including social media and email which ultimately connects the right people to the right job


WOBB, No A-3-1 & No A-3-2, Block A, Plaza TTDI, Jalan Wan Kadir 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.